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Events for classes

Sailing races and other events for all major UK dinghy, multihull and keelboat classes are listed here.
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Handicap/pursuit events (this search is not limited to a specific class)
10 Rater events
11 Metre One Design events
125 events
12ft Skiff events
12m events
13ft Skiff events
16ft Skiff events
1720 events
18ft Skiff events
1D35 events
1DL events
2.4m events
2000 events
29er events
29erxx events
3000 events
4000 events
405 events
420 events
470 events
49er events
49er FX events
5.5m events
505 events
59er events
6m events
707 events
8m events
A Class Catamaran events
A Scow events
AC40 events
AC45 events
AC50 events
AC72 events
AC75 events
AC9F events
ACC events
Adams 10 events
Ajax events
Albacore events
Albin Express events
AltO events
Artemis 20 events
Australian Sharpie events
B14 events
Bahamian Sloop events
Bembridge One Design events
Bembridge Redwing events
Beneteau events
Beneteau 40.7 events
Beneteau First 21.7 events
Beneteau First 22A events
Beneteau First 31.7 events
Beneteau First Class 8 events
Bic Techno events
Bittern events
Blaze events
Blokart events
Boss events
Bosun events
Brightlingsea One Design events
British Moth events
Broads One Design events
Bug events
Bull 7000 events
Buzz events
Byte events
C Class Cat events
C Scow events
C&C 30 events
Cadet events
Cal 20 events
Cape 31 events
Catalina 22 events
Catalina 37 events
Catamaran events
Catapult events
CB66 events
Challenger events
Cherub events
Chichester Scow events
Class 40 events
Class Mini 5.80 events
Classic & Vintage Dinghy events
Classic Yachts events
Clipper 70 events
Clipper Ventures events
ClubSwan 28 events
ClubSwan 36 events
ClubSwan 50 events
Colgate 26 events
Comet events
Comet Duo events
Comet Trio events
Comet Versa events
Contender events
Contessa 26 events
Contessa 28 events
Contessa 32 events
Conwy Fife One Design events
Cornish Crabber events
Couta Boat events
CR:X events
Cruising Yacht events
D-One events
D-Zero events
Daring events
Dart 15 events
Dart 15 Sport events
Dart 16 events
Dart 18 events
Decision 35 events
Devon Yawl events
DF95 events
Dhow events
Diam 24OD events
Dinghy events
DN Ice Yacht events
Dolphin events
Dragon events
Dragonfly events
Drascombe events
DX 15 events
DYAS events
E-Boat events
East Coast One Design events
ECHO events
Elliott 5.9 events
Elliott 6m events
Elliott 7 events
Enterprise events
Environment events
Esse 850 IC events
Etchells events
ETF26 events
Europe events
Extreme 40 events
F101 events
F50 events
FarEast 26 events
FarEast 28 events
Farr 280 events
Farr 3.7 events
Farr 30 events
Farr 40 events
Farr 400 events
Farr 45 events
Farr 52 events
Fast 40 events
Figaro events
Finn events
Fireball events
Firebird events
Firefly events
Fish Class events
Fisher events
Fishing boat events
Flying 11 events
Flying Ant events
Flying Dutchman events
Flying Fifteen events
Flying Junior events
Flying Mantis events
Flying Phantom events
Flying Scot events
Flying Tiger events
Folkboat events
Footy events
Formula 16 events
Formula 18 events
Formula 20 events
Formula Windsurfing events
Foundation 36 events
Fowey River Class events
Foxcub 18 events
Foxer events
Fusion events
Gaffers events
GC32 events
Golden Globe Race events
GP14 events
GP42 events
Graduate events
Grand Surprise events
Gull events
H boat events
H class events
H22 events
Hadron events
Hadron H2 events
Half Tonner events
Halo events
Hamble Star events
Hansa events
Hartley 14 events
Hartley TS16 events
Hawk 20 events
Heatwave events
Heron events
Hobie 14 events
Hobie 15 events
Hobie 16 events
Hobie 17 events
Hobie 18 events
Hobie Dragoon events
Hobie Fox events
Hobie Tiger events
Hobie Wild Cat events
HOD35 events
Hornet events
HP30 events
HPR events
Hunter Formula One events
Hurricane 5.9 SX events
IC24 events
IC37 events
Icon events
IDRA 14 events
ILCA 4 events
ILCA 6 events
ILCA 7 events
Illusion events
IMCO events
IMOCA events
Impala 28 events
Impulse events
International 12 events
International 14 events
International A Class events
International Canoe events
International Moth events
iQFoil events
IRC events
ISO events
J Class events
J/121 events
J/122 events
J/22 events
J/24 events
J/27 events
J/35 events
J/88 events
J/97 events
J/99 events
J100 events
J105 events
J109 events
J111 events
J120 events
J133 events
J70 events
J80 events
J92 events
Javelin events
Javelin Skiff events
Jeanneau events
JOD 35 events
Joshua One-Design events
Junk events
K1 events
K2 events
K6 events
Ker 11.3 events
Kestrel events
Kirby Torch events
Kiteboarding events
Korsar events
KZV events
L30 events
Land Yacht events
Lapwing events
Lark events
Laser 13 events
Laser 16 events
Laser 2 events
Laser 5000 events
Laser Bahia events
Laser EPS events
Laser Pico events
Laser Stratos events
Laser Vago events
Leader events
Libera events
Lightning events
Lightning 368 events
Liverpool Bay Falcon events
Loch Long One Design events
Longtze events
M Class events
M32 events
M34 events
M4 events
Magic 25 events
Manly Junior events
Marauder events
Marauder 8.4 events
Marblehead events
Marine Industry events
MarineVerse events
Martin 16 events
Maxi events
Maxi 72 Class events
Maxi Cat events
Maxi One Design events
MC Scow events
MC38 events
Melges 14 events
Melges 15 events
Melges 17 events
Melges 20 events
Melges 24 events
Melges 32 events
Melges 40 events
Melges E Scow events
Melges X Boat events
Menai Straits One Design events
Merlin Rocket events
Micro Tonner events
Mini Tonner events
Mini Transat events
Minisail events
Minnow events
Miracle events
Mirror events
MOD70 events
Mosquito events
Mothquito events
MRX events
Multi 50 events
Mumm 36 events
Musto Skiff events
Nacra events
Nacra 15 events
Nacra 17 events
National 12 events
National 18 events
Nicholson 32 events
Nikki events
Noelex events
Norfolk 14 Foot One Design events
Norfolk Punt events
NS14 events
NSSA events
O'pen Skiff events
OCEAN50 events
OK events
One Metre events
OneFly events
Open 30 events
Open 35 events
Open 40 events
Open 50 events
Open 7.50 events
Open 70 events
Optimist events
ORC events
ORMA 60 events
Osprey events
Oyster events
Oz Goose events
P class events
Pac 52 events
Pacer events
Pandora events
Paper Tiger events
Peacoq events
Persico 69F events
Persico Fly40 events
Phantom events
Pirat events
Platu 25 events
Poole AB events
Power boat events
Prima 38 events
Projection 762 events
Puddle Duck Racer events
Q Class events
Quarter Tonner events
R19 events
RC Laser events
RC35 events
RC44 events
Rebel events
RedFox events
Redwing events
Reedling events
RG65 events
Rhodes 19 events
RIB events
River Cruiser events
RL24 events
Rooster 8.1 events
Royal Burnham One Design events
Royal Corinthian One Design events
Royal Mersey Mylne events
RS Aero 5 events
RS Aero 6 events
RS Aero 7 events
RS Aero 9 events
RS Cat14 events
RS CAT16 events
RS Elite events
RS Feva events
RS Neo events
RS Quba events
RS Quest events
RS Tera events
RS Vareo events
RS Venture events
RS Vision events
RS Zest events
RS:One events
RS:X events
RS100 events
RS200 events
RS21 events
RS300 events
RS400 events
RS500 events
RS600 events
RS600FF events
RS700 events
RS800 events
Ruffian events
S80 events
S9 events
Sabot events
Sabre events
Sabre 27 events
Sailrocket events
SailX events
Salcombe Yawl events
San Juan 21 events
Sandhopper events
Santana 20 events
SB20 events
Scorpion events
Scow events
Sea View One Design events
Seafly events
Seascape 18 events
Seaview Mermaid events
Setley Cup events
Shadow events
Shannon One Design events
Shark 24 events
Sharpie events
Shearwater events
Shields events
Shrimper events
Sigma 33 events
Sigma 38 events
SigneT events
SK2 events
Skate events
SKEETA events
SKUD 18 events
SL16 events
Smeralda 888 events
Snipe events
Soling events
Solo events
Solution events
Sonar events
Sonata events
Soto 40 events
Speed Record Challenge events
Spice events
Spitfire events
Splash events
Sportsboats events
Sprite events
Squib events
SSL47 events
St Mawes One Design events
Star events
Starling events
Stella events
Streaker events
Sunbeam events
Sunbird events
Sunfish events
Sunsail F40 events
Superfoiler events
Supernova events
Superyacht events
Surprise events
SV14 events
Swallow events
Swan events
Swan 42 events
Swan 60 events
Switch events
Swordfish events
Sydney 38 events
SZV events
Taipan events
Tall Ships events
Tasar events
Team Racing events
Tempest events
TF10 events
TF35 events
Thames A Rater events
Thistle events
Tideway events
Tinker events
Tiwal 3R events
Topaz events
Topaz 14 events
Topaz 16 events
Topaz Argo events
Topaz Magno events
Topaz Omega events
Topaz Taz events
Topaz Vibe events
Topaz Xenon events
Topper events
Topper 4.2 events
Topper Breeze events
Topper Sport 14 events
Topper Sport 16 events
Tornado events
Tortola Sloop events
TP52 events
Trimaran events
Troy events
Ultim events
Ultimate 20 events
Ultra 30 events
Unicorn events
Vaurien events
Victory events
Viper events
Viper 640 events
Virtual Regatta events
VJ events
Volvo 70 events
Volvo One-Design events
Vortex events
VPRS events
VX One events
Wally events
Wanderer events
WASZP events
WASZP_X events
Water Wag events
Waverley events
Wayfarer events
Weta events
Windermere 17ft Yacht events
WindRider events
Windsurfing events
Wineglass events
Wing Foil events
Wivenhoe One Design events
X-332 events
X-35 events
X-41 events
X-99 events
X-Treme 26 events
X-Yacht events
X1 events
XOD events
XR 41 events
Yachting World Dayboat events
Yare & Bure One Design events
Yarmouth One Design events
Yeoman/Kinsman events
Yngling events
Yorkshire One-Design events
Young 88 events
Zoom8 events