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Delta "T" Systems debuts updated manual Fan Controller

by Martin Flory Group 31 Oct 2019 13:06 UTC

Commercial and recreational marine engines require optimal ventilation at the correct temperature and pressure for peak performance.

With Delta "T" Systems' updated C2 Plus Ventilation Controller, it's easy to manage the speeds of one or more axial fans with its full-color, 102mm touchscreen. Plus, the device is loaded with new features that separate it from the competition. It debuts at the International WorkBoat Show, 4-6 December, New Orleans, booth 2023.

The C2 Plus Ventilation Controller is simple to use with the updated touchscreen graphic interface. It uses the same functionality and wiring as the original C2, so it's easy to upgrade to the latest technology without having to pull new wiring or reprogram the speed drives. The touchscreen can be located in the engine room or remotely.

When the C2 Plus Ventilation Controller receives a startup signal from the engine(s), the device automatically starts the fans. It has an emergency stop function and will communicate with the vessel's fire detection and suppression system to close-off ventilation in case of a fire event. Airflow direction can be reversed as required for a variety of reasons.

Delta "T" Systems' C2 Plus Ventilation Controller is built using state-of-the-art electrical components. Future-proof, it's engineered to leverage upgrades.

Delta "T" Systems manufactures a full line of quality fire dampers, axial and duct fans, blowers, louvers, moisture eliminators, weather closures and controls. Its complete engineered marine ventilation systems are installed on recreational, commercial and naval vessels worldwide.

For more information contact Delta "T" Systems, Tel: +1-561-204-1500; Fax: +1-561-848-1611. Email: or visit

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