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Concept: Jarrett Bay 75 Walk-Around Express

by Jarrett Bay Boatworks 28 Oct 2018 15:17 UTC
Jarrett Bay 75 Walk-Around Express © Jarrett Bay Boatworks

Never tiring of pressing the envelope, we present to our fans another concept from our drafting board: the Jarrett Bay 75 Walk-Around Express.

Envision Grander nearly doubled in size with an intensive use of carbon fiber and powerful engines that propel her to 50+ knots of speed. The generously sized cockpit with a multi-level mezzanine provides a view of the fishing action, while four staterooms with en-suite heads offer luxurious accommodations below.

Get a thorough walk-through of the exterior, cockpit and mezzanine on the unique Hull 63, Privateer as she moves closer to an early 2019 launch. After a few weather delays, Hull 64, Project Caribbean was joined by Hull 66, Sea Wish outside for a double hull rollover using our patent-pending travelift hull flip method. Plus, our newest build, Hull 67, Renegade is receiving the third and final layer of hull side planking.

Double Rollovers - a Jarrett Bay First

Hull 64 and Hull 66 were recently hauled from their production bays and hoisted over the haulout basin to perform our patent-pending travel lift acrobatics -- carefully rolling over each hull without the need for a crane.

Video: Capt. Rian Terblanche of the Independence, Hull 39

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