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Raritan offers the longest-lived water heaters available

by Martin Flory Group 25 Sep 2018 06:21 UTC

Whether for cooking or bathing, boats never seem to have enough hot water to satisfy demand. It's a different story when a 1700 Series Water Heater from Raritan Engineering is on board. Its proven design combines extreme efficiency with a compact size, and is glass-lined for a long, corrosion-free service life providing clean, fresh water.

1700 Series Water Heaters are built for the long haul. Glass-lined tanks are actually more durable than those made with stainless steel, when used with the included replaceable magnesium anode. They boast high-density non-CFC foam insulation with a high R-value for maximum heat retention and non-corrosive polymer jackets for robustness. Available in 22.7L, 45.5L and 75.7L sizes, in 120V or 220V AC, they come with an easy-to-use adjustable ignition-protected thermostat.

Raritan engineered the 1700 Series from the ground up to perform in a marine environment. The dockside water recovery rate is 49.2L per hour. With a 240V heating element, it can go as high as 68L. Because it can accommodate extreme temperatures—up to 71 degrees C—and is mixed with cold water, the usable delivery capacity is much higher.

A popular available configuration is a heat exchanger. Connected to the engine's cooling system, it produces hot water when disconnected from shore and generator power. Over seven feet in length, it's evenly coiled throughout the tank for rapid and efficient heating, and has a recovery rate of 49 lph.

Unlike cubic hot water heaters, Raritan's are cylindrical. This shape enables it to withstand far greater pressure—an important safety consideration when it's attached to a heat exchanger. 1700 Series Water Heaters feature an ignition-protected thermostat that's adjustable from 43 degrees–71 degrees C, with a safety shutdown limit of 87 degrees. The temperature and pressure valve is rated at 517 kPa at 98 degrees C, instead of the typical 1,034 kPa, to protect the boat's plumbing.

Installation of 1700 Series Water Heaters is simple and straight-forward with all plumbing connections on one side. It retrofits without difficulty to most on board pressure systems. Hot and cold water fittings are standard 19mm male and the heat exchanger's, 19mm female. Compact and lightweight, the 22.7L model is 36.9cm dia. x 41.9cm H and weighs 16kg; the 45.5L, 47.6cm dia. x 41.9cm H at 28kg; and the 75.7L, 47.6cm dia. x 60.6cm H at 37kg.

Each 1700 Series Water Heater is hand-assembled and individually tested. They're backed by Raritan's five-year warranty on the tank and two on the unit.

Raritan are distributed by AMI Sales in Australia. For more information contact Raritan, Tel: +1-856-825-4900; Fax: +1-856-825-4409. Email: or visit

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