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The land that time forgot!

by Carl Hyland 16 Mar 2018 14:28 UTC

Here in Tasmania, we are often left of maps of Australia and that's not a bad thing. Shrouded in fog and mystery, the Island state is a real fishing mecca and we can boast of our sports fishing prowess alongside any other state in Australia.

Amongst our much sought after fish are Broadbill Swordfish with a whole new fishing charter and sports industry underway and many are now trailering boats down from the big island on our ferries, just to try and do battle with these giants of the sea.

Bluefin tuna runs are nothing short of sensational with areas such as Bicheno and Eaglehawk Neck giving up some record specimens, some around 100kg. The tuna run this year continued right through into the early start of summer and this species can even be found right now. Yellowtail Kingfish are a summer visitor and we are even logging species such as hammerhead sharks and mahi-mahi. Our snapper are of a size that is not even seen on the mainland and so too are our King George Whiting, I mean where else in Australia can you capture whiting that can reach 58cm? Out trout fishery is second to none. Whilst some of our waters have been decimated by that scourge of inland waterways, the European carp, our fisheries service have been on the case for a while now, removing these feral pests with fyke nets and technology in the form of electrofishing equipment, most of which has been specially developed to target European carp. Lake Crescent was a former fishery that was inundated with carp and owing to the hard work of specialist teams from the I.F.S, this once trophy water has now re-opened with some amazing fish being caught from here.

The battle continues with carp in Lake Sorell, but it is hoped that carp removal and complete eradication will take place over the coming years with this water returning to its former glory as well. Lake Pedder hasn't been forgotten and whilst the heydays have gone, but locals are starting to see the return of trophy fish to this beautiful water with mudeye hatches and dun hatches amongst the most prolific of any state waters. Bread and butter fishing, is alive and well also. That's where you take your rod and line and virtually cast of any platform, jetty or pontoon in state's waters and the beaut thing is, you don't need a license for fishing the brine, only in freshwater if you are over 14yo. Expect to catch fish such as Southern black bream on lures or mussels in places like Scamander or even Bridport and little rivers like Browns in Hobart are a mecca for these hard fighting fish. Off wharves such as Inspection Head wharf in the North, expect good captures with bait obtained from local stores such as Australian salmon, flathead and even the occasional Blue warehou. Margate Wharf, in the south is a reliable place to tackle squid and even silver trevally and Australian salmon.

No matter where you find yourself in the island state, check your local regulations (usually available at Information Centres) and enjoy the fishing, but make sure you keep it quiet!

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