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GatorVator lift is strong, adaptable & clean-looking

by Martin Flory Group 19 Nov 16:34 UTC
Boat on a Golden GatorVator™ boat lift © Martin Flory Group

Boats on a Golden GatorVator™ boat lift seem to float over the water. Its unique patented design doesn't use unsightly crossbeams that detract from the scenic water view and impede easy boarding.

With capacities up to 13,600kg, the Golden GatorVator uses three or four piles depending on the need. This allows a wide range of applications such as within boat houses or in confined channels.

The Golden GatorVator uses deeply-grooved 89mm drive spools. This configuration uses less cable and makes it 33% faster than traditional style boat lifts.

Four Golden Sea-Drive® motors make maintenance access easy and bow-to-stern leveling simple. Double-reduction worm gears instead of chains or belts provide failsafe performance. Incredibly safe and reliable, in over 75,000 manufactured, not one motor has ever failed.

For smaller boats, Golden Manufacturing offers the GatorVator with the innovative 500 Series Golden Sea-Drive. It delivers the same unerring reliability and safety of the original motor, but in a more compact housing. This configuration is perfect for vessels up to 7,250kg.

Like all Golden boat lifts, the Golden GatorVator is made in the USA using fully welded marine-grade T6 aluminum with stainless steel hardware and cables. It conforms to rigorous ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Using the Golden GatorVator is easy. Guide posts ensure the boat is centered over the carpeted wood or optional aluminum I-beam bunks that are adjusted for the individual vessel. Then, it's simply a matter of using the remote to lift the boat from the water. A video is at

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