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38 South - Merry Fisher 795 Series - LEADERBOARD

94' Enclosed Bridge S/F - Three Amigos

by Michael Rybovich & Sons 10 Nov 2020 15:58 UTC

Splash-month is here and the race is on. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for all of the details.

Until then, we're off to get everything buttoned up to go in the water; the scaffolding will come down next week, the tower will go on the week after, and then she's off to floating her way to delivery day.

Find full build album here

From the drawing board

From walkaround to traditional sportfish, and from traditional convertible bridge to enclosed, we thrive in the unique nature of each builder-owner partnership - and with each, the pursuit of perfection.

Last month we covered small boats, so this month, we figured we'd cover some of the larger boats that we've built over the last few years, as well as some that we've worked on when we've had certain requests from customers.

Ask yourself, how do you envision using the boat? What do you need it to do? Where do you need to go? How fast do you want to get there? The conversation is always about the unique needs of a certain program and the specifics that will allow our design team, lead by Dusty Rybovich, fourth generation boatbuilder and trained naval architect and marine engineer, to bring every element of an owner's vision to the water. From there, we work to design a yacht to do exactly what they want, with the timeless design of a Rybovich and the pursuit of perfection that only we can deliver.

The move to larger sportfishing boats has been an industry trend for many custom builders.. Since 2000, every one of our partnerships with a customer has delivered a boat over 54' with our most recent project stretching to 94'. While, as we discussed last week, we don't only build larger boats, this has been the natural direction of the industry as well as our customer base.

As we also mentioned last week every build offers challenges and rewards and we look at any size boat as an opportunity to make a statement - a statement about quality, performance and innovation, no matter what size. We feel that whether an owner is interested in tournament fishing with a boat that is quick, nimble and easy to maintain, or they are interested in the most extravagant long range sportfisherman that can offer all of the amenities of a mega yacht, we will always deliver a yacht that is the best on the water. The best ride, the most innovation, and exactly what an owner expects - any less would not be perfection and our mission is exactly that - the endless pursuit of the perfect boat. The perfect design, as well as the perfection in every aspect of the finished product, and this is what sets us apart from other builders and the "good enough for me attitude."

Here are a few of our larger builds, along with some drawings of some yet-to-be-built designs that we'd love to partner with someone to build.

Give us a call to chat about building your dream boat.

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