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Make a splash with spring fishing: a 5-step guide

by Robalo Boats 16 Apr 16:01 UTC
Make a splash with spring fishing © Robalo Boats

Ready to head back to the water? We are too! Maybe you're excited for that springtime surge of fish at your local lake—or you're planning to hit the offshore scene in search of the "big one."

Whatever your plans may be, we've got you covered with five simple steps on how to prepare for the fun ahead! Just read on for our handy guide.

Tally up your tackle

Now is a great time to check out your tackle and see if anything needs to be replaced before heading out—do you have enough line, and is it in good condition? If not, you can easily replace it. The same goes for dirty tackle, or pieces that have taken on rust since you last used them—either clean them off or use spring commissioning as your excuse to bring home some new pieces! You can also use this time as an opportunity to perfect your tackle organization (labels always help with this), or to build new habits such as rinsing then airing out your tackle after each trip so that grime and rust can't build up.

Clean your livewell or ice box

It's always helpful to clean out your livewell or ice box after every trip, since this keeps the space fresh and clean for bringing home your next catch! If your livewell could use some freshening up after not being used for a few months, this is easy to do—use a mild, non-toxic cleanser to spruce it up and follow up with a baking soda scrub. By opting for more natural ingredients, you can keep your livewell looking and working its best without creating an environment that's too harsh for preserving future catches.

Study spring trends

Spring is a time of growth and change—and you can definitely observe this on the water! Depending on where you live, spring turnover may have happened or will happen soon—this affects the way you fish and the best methods for specific catches. Aquatic vegetation (prized as a popular place to fish for cover-loving species) will soon regrow, too!

At the same time, the weather can change day to day—you know the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers..." That isn't to say that showers are a bad thing. In fact, many anglers love fishing in the rain! However, rainy weather (and other unique conditions) will often call for a specific approach, so it helps to brush up on those methods—and to keep an eye on changing weather—to enjoy the best possible experience. Also be sure to check with your state's fishing regulations to see what fish can or can't be caught at this time of year.

Opt for comfy touches

If you're hitting the water after several months indoors, you will naturally want to spend every second outdoors—sunrise to sunset! And who could blame you? To enjoy long days on the water, opt for comfy touches that turn your Robalo into a home away from home. This can include everything from your bow filler cushion, to throw blankets, to spare dry towels and cover-ups that help keep you comfortable on cool, breezy evenings following your day of fun.

Make a fishing "fun list"

Can't wait to hit the water? To ensure that you make the most of the season ahead, try making a fishing "fun list," a bucket list of sorts that helps you highlight what you want to do most. This might include visits to familiar stomping grounds, fish you want to catch, new techniques you want to try—just about anything you've been dreaming about these past few months indoors!

We hope that these tips help you savor springtime fishing to the fullest!

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