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Glomex Zigboat protects any size vessel when away

by Martin Flory Group 31 Jan 2019 10:12 UTC
ZigBoat™ from Glomex © Glomex

A boat is a prized possession that deserves to be protected from damage and theft. Innovative ZigBoat from Glomex provides owners access to critical vessel information when away. It delivers notifications without fees, cloud service subscriptions, registrations or privacy policy agreements.

The heart of the Glomex ZigBoat system is the Gateway core module. It doesn't need wiring or drilling holes, so installation couldn't be easier; all that's needed is a 12-24VDC power supply. It has a backup battery life of 35 years. At only 102mm L x 102mm W x 28mm H, it can be tucked away in any centralized, protected space.

Each wireless ZigBoat sensor has a unique QR code that's scanned using the free mobile app to connect it to the Gateway, making it truly plug-and-play. They're placed throughout the vessel as needed. Due to Zigbee® technology, they'll run for three to five years on standard alkaline batteries.

There's no limit to the number of ZigBoat sensors the system will accommodate and a wide range are offered. Completely scalable, they're added as needed and can easily be moved to another vessel.

ZigBoat is available in two different kits. The Starter Kit includes the Gateway, and Battery, Flood and Porthole/Door sensors. The Connectivity Kit includes the Gateway, Battery and Flood sensors, and a USB dongle for GSM/3G connectivity. Optional sensors include Heat, Smoke, Motion, Smart Plug, Shore Power and GPS Tracking with Geofencing. CamBoat, an IP Wi-Fi HD video surveillance device, can be added to the kits or for multiple camera applications.

Using the Android or iOS ZigBoat app is simple. It has an intuitive dashboard that delivers 24/7 access to all monitored systems. Real-time push notifications can be sent on the starter kit.

Contact Glomex s.r.l., Via Faentina 165G, 48124 Ravenna, Italy. +39 0544500377. ;

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