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Bayliss Boatworks - Construction update: Bayliss 75'

by Bayliss Boatworks 3 Nov 12:59 UTC
Bayliss 75' - outside © Bayliss Boatworks

We know we sound like a broken record when we write about Bayliss 75': teak, teak, teak. But, it's true. Each month our finish crew elevates the bold teak details with dedicated sanding and endless coats of varnish. And, now... we begin to see the results.

The teak transom, once shiny - is now like a mirror. Once the name is placed, our paint crew will apply nearly a dozen coats of clear coat to seal the surface, and accentuate the shine. The teak aft bulkhead is not far behind, with nearly ten coats left. While the majority of the teak on Bayliss 75' is real wood, faux teak work will be featured on the toe rail and drip molding. This month, the faux teak application begins.

On the flybridge, our electrical crew made great progress in October, as they prepped for tower pulls and installed the bridge panel. The electronics dash is beginning to take shape as well, nearly ready for placement of its main components.

The cabinetry crew has been wrapped up in the final stages of upper level installations. Recently, the companionway ceiling was installed, and the granite was patterned for the galley areas. The salon valences were fit towards month's end, re-sawn from one board. The aft valence is from the same tree as well, creating a consistent pattern where the ceiling meets the window lines.

Mechanically, our crew is beginning to test and prove all systems, as the plumbing for the washer and dryer is complete, along with the installation of the main engine exhaust. We are looking forward to sea trials!

Read more about Bayliss 75' here

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