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mazu™ adds chat feature to Sport Fishing App

by mazu Sportfishing 13 Jun 2018 03:48 UTC
mazu™ adds chat feature to Sport Fishing App © mazu Sportfishing

Technology company mazu™ has released an additional feature for their mazu SportFishing app – mazuChat.

mazuChat allows users to stay connected with friends and other sports fishermen who are in on the action, creating a more strategic and exciting sports fishing experience.

Other tools in the mazu SportFishing app include access to sea surface temperature (SST) reports, chlorophyll data, altimetry and more sea state information. Users can quickly overlay SST satellite images or chlorophyll charts to easily find temperature breaks and to see water clarity. SST data is updated twice a day, and chlorophyll is updated daily.

When paired with mazu's m2500 hardware system, sports fishermen using mazu SportFishing stay connected no matter where they fish, even outside of cellular range. mazu offers reliable, affordable, global service using the iridium satellite network. With mazuChat, users can join or create their own chat groups, manage their location and communication settings, and take private conversations off VHF radio for security and peace of mind.

mazuChat Benefits

  • Group chats: Join or start group chats. Users can centralize communication with friends and other sports fishermen, so they can quickly and easily relay information on a private and reliable connection
  • Location sharing: Users can see their location, as well as their friends' individual locations, right through the app map. If someone finds a great place to fish, it's easy to coordinate the group quickly to head in the right direction
  • Privacy: If users want their location hidden, they can choose to remove their geographic information from specific, or all, chat contacts. Additionally, instead of communicating through traditional radio, which can be picked up by anyone, users can communication privately to each other through this app for total security.
  • Competitive Advantage: Since contests, championships and the battle for bragging rights are common in the world of sport fishing, users can work in teams with mazuChat to improve their accuracy in tandem for a better chance at coming home with the biggest catch or the best trophy.
In addition to these fishing-specific features, mazu SportFishing includes access to all the data and tools available in the original mazu app:
  • Weather, including access to seven-day GRIB forecasts, live buoy data and NOAA weather alerts
  • Email and SMS, making communication easy anywhere out at sea, even when outside of cellular coverage
  • Navigation, including the ability to overlay nautical charts, access to on-screen tracking, and the option to create, edit, import or export routes. Real-time NMEA navigation and weather information is also available
  • SOS and Emergency Response. Reliable, worldwide search and rescue service is available 24/7. Responders know the vessel name and position immediately upon SOS activation, and two-way communication with responders allows users to give more information about the emergency at hand
Check out mazu SportFishing with the new mazuChat feature today by visiting the App Store. Mazu SportFishing is available for $129.99 on iPads using iOS 10.2 or later.

For more information about mazu SportFishing and other mazu products, visit the mazu website.

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