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Home or away, 50 AMP cable sets provide peace of mind

by Martin Flory Group 7 Mar 20:53 UTC
Hubbell - 50 AMP Cable Sets © Martin Flory Group

Owners should relax and enjoy their boats, even when in a transient slip, and not worry about their electrical systems or compatibility. Hubbell Marine's reliable 50 amp cable sets provide peace-of-mind. Made in the USA, they boast innovative safety features like red and green LED lights that provide an instant visual indication of proper current flow or problems at the power source, and are built to the very highest of marine standards.

Unlike some companies that offer uncommonly shaped connectors that aren't ABYC approved or UL Listed, Hubbell Marine cable sets use proven Twist-Lock® fittings that are common worldwide. This is an important consideration should a mating adapter or replacement part be needed.

Internally, Hubbell 50 amp cables are engineered for maximum safety with arc- and heat-resistant thermoset contact carriers. Copper is used for the barrel terminations, and nickel-plated brass for the shell and contacts to ensure long life and maximum power transfer.

Vinyl-jacketed and totally molded for superior waterproofing, Hubbell 50 amp cable sets have jute fillers for flexibility and ease of coiling. A bull ring protects the cable ends from damaging strain and a flex feature ensures proper angle of entry. Easy-to-grip metal rings provide a positive seal against rain, fog and humidity.

High-visibility yellow Hubbell cables are offered in 7.6m and 15.2m lengths, in 125V or 125/250V with 3-pole 4-wire grounding. They're also available without the LED feature, and white is available in some models.

For more information contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, Tel: +1-475-882-4838; Fax: +1-203-783-9195 or visit

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