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Tasmanian sea fishing guide

by DPIPWE Fishing on 11 Nov 2017
Tas Fish Guide DPIPWE
The Tasmanian Sea Fishing Guide is the essential phone app for anyone going recreational sea fishing in Tasmania. FREE for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, it's an interactive version of the popular printed Recreational Sea Fishing Guide.


Fish ID guide for 135 Tassie species;
Up-to-date rules for sea fishing;
Legal bag and size limits;
Searchable full colour guide to over 135 Tasmanian fish species;
Fishing tips, species and habitat descriptions;
Interactive fishing maps using LIST maps;
Fishing gear illustrations and specifications;
Boat ramp locations to plan your Tassie fishing trip;
Fishing diary to log your catch;
Cached maps for offline use;
Recipes and cooking methods for popular species;
Use the app to buy a licence online;
Fishing alerts and season reminders from DPIPWE Fisheries.
Seafood recipes and cooking tips.

Tips for Using Fishing Maps

Open the Maps menu and zoom into your fishing area using the touchscreen. Touch on the red fishing area restriction to see a description of the boundaries. On iOS devices, scroll to see gear and species restrictions, or on Android devices, select 'See Restrictions'.

The Tas Fish Guide app will cache map data for areas previously viewed by you on your device. To have access to map data when fishing in areas out of phone reception, view these areas whilst you have coverage, prior to going fishing. Area restriction information will be visible regardless of whether you have reception.
Maps for the iOS version of this app are provided by the Land Information System Tasmania, DPIPWE.

Fishing Maps Disclaimer

The maps displayed on this application should be used for reference purposes only, due to the restrictions of GPS technology. The boundaries of fishing restriction areas are indicative only. Refer to the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 and the Inland Fisheries Act 1995 and the legislation made under those Acts for specific boundary descriptions. The maps in this application should not be used for navigation purposes.

About the App

The Tas Fish Guide app is a guide to Tasmania's rules for recreational sea fishing. It does not replace the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 or the legislation made under it. For further information on fishing rules, visit the Legislation and Management page.

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