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Greece vs Croatia

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Topic: Greece vs Croatia
Posted By: CPEG
Subject: Greece vs Croatia
Date Posted: 09 Sep 08 at 4:35pm

I have been on several sailing holidays in Coatia where we have chartered yachts and enjoyed sailing around the islands. We are thinking of a change of scenery and wanted to know peoples views on Greece and a destination.

Is it all very touristy or is plenty of it still unspoilt?

Have any of you been before and can you tell me what it is like?

Thanks in advance for any relevent info.

Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 10 Sep 08 at 12:41pm
I went with SailingHolidays to the Ionian last year & I wouldn't describe it as touristy at all - with the possible exception of Vassiliki. Small harbours (one where the 'shop' was a glass fronted fridge outside the bar / restaurant), mainly cheap food & beer. Highly recommended.

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Posted By:
Date Posted: 05 Oct 08 at 5:58pm
you can try Bodrum in turkey also :)

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Posted By: Time Lord
Date Posted: 17 Jun 18 at 10:20pm
Lovely area. Try to avoid August as the Italians swarm over to the Ionian in their motor cruisers usually complete with Mama whose main job appears to be washing down the decks and hoovering the inside!

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Posted By: fisherboy
Date Posted: 18 Jun 18 at 6:17pm
The Ionian region is affected by the strong northern winds in July and August. Therefore, instead of looking at those sides, I would also like to refer to Dodecanese for Greece. 
You can also rent a gulet in Croatia for July and August. 
Turkey would be great choice for blue voyage holiday between May and October. You can swim in May because the sea water temperature will be 20 degrees on average..

Posted By: adi-plainsailing
Date Posted: 17 Sep 18 at 6:53am
If you want to avoid seeing too many other yachts then I can personally recommed the Cyclades - By that I'm not talking about Mykonos / Santorini, but the north Cyclades.  We spent a nice week sailing around just Kithos, Serifos and Siros and Kea.  We admittedly didn't go far each day, but we still ended up in a different tavernas each night, with plenty in in sheltered bays and small marinas (that are cheap).  You also get the pleasure of the astounding Kithnos Sand Bar to take pictures of and make all your friends back home extremeley jealous.

In Croatia, for peace and quiet head to the Kornati (accessible from Biograd na Moru / Zadar area) - Split and Dubrovnik can tend to get a little overheated wth day trips and other sail tourists, but in the Kornati you can literally go for a full day without seeing anyone else.

I'd avoid August if at all possible - too hot, too crowded, and you have to be heading off the water pretty early if you want a spot in the marina - but if it's the only time you can do it in, I'd still recommend it! :)

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Posted By: funktie
Date Posted: 14 Nov 18 at 11:42am
Me and my girlfriend have been sailing in Croatia last year and Greece this year. 

we started in marina Gouvia Corfu and have been sailing for 14 days to Kefalonia. Water is clean, the weather is nice and warm / depends on the season of course. Culture and the food is great. 
We have visited Sivota (really recommend visit smaller beaches).
I record visiting Preveza, small and cosy city we loved really much. 
Lefkas is another island to visit, and you don't need to go to marina. ps. marinas are much cheeper than Croatia / 20eur per night in Preveza for example. 

great and nice islands, culture is great. But my nationality is Slovenian so maybe Iam a bit more familiar with this culture. 
Have been there many times but still I prefer Greece. Maybe because the prices are lower. But watch out for the charters seasons. etc. Coasts and Islands are full of charters. Angry this is something I am not so familiar with in Croatia. 
But found great feature in Croatia.. if it happens you own cryptocurrencies you will more likely be able to pay with them in Croatia. Therefore in Greece we had to use to pay some stuff 

My recommendation is Greece Tongue
Best regards Tim

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Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 31 Jan 19 at 7:10pm
We've done both .. and Turkey. 

I found the sailing in Croatia (amongst the Kornati Islands) fantastic but was a bit peed with the infrastructure (expensive marinas, tavernas that charged mooring even when you'd bought a meal for a family of five) - plus we used to go in May and it was a bit chilly still. 

Greece has lots of lovely places to stop, most tavernas will let you moor up for free if you eat there and it's nice and warm from mid May.  The Ionian is truly beautiful, but also very FULL.  Some places, like Fiscardo and Kioni, you need to be in harbour by 3pm to get a space (even in May).  The Dodecanese was much quieter but also much windier with some long (not quite line of sight) passages between islands (Tilos, Nisiros, Rhodes and Koss) we moored in some places without seeing a single other boat - though you can also come across an entire Sunsail flotilla of 12 matching boats ....

Turkey is similar to Greece (though windier still and more so as summer presses on), North out of Bodrum is a bit dull and the Gulf of Gukova just South of Bodrum isn't too exciting either - though it is quiet.  We had most fun sailing south to Knidos and then along to Datca and Orhaniye. Round the tip of the next isthmus to Loryma was nice and I'd like to carry on to Fethiye and Marmaris one day.  

Got to do them all, but Turkey was my favourite over all.

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Posted By: aye-aye-captain
Date Posted: 01 Feb 19 at 8:28am
Ionian islands are way too crowded in July/August (on my opinion) 

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Posted By: pacificstate
Date Posted: 21 Oct 19 at 1:54pm
I liked to sail in Croatia. However, after so many years I am bothered by the ever increasing unfriendliness, even sometimes observable aggression, towards tourists as well as the infinite corruption and arbitrariness. You have to pay for everything, even to anchor somewhere. In Greece, I've never experienced something like that.

Posted By: SeaPower
Date Posted: 31 Mar 20 at 3:36pm
I've been on several sailing tours in Croatia for the last 6 years. I agree with what some of the comments here about the infinite corruption and arbitrariness but there are so many positive things that you just have to forgot about all the negative ones.

We rented a villa in Istria from villsy (here is the link if you'd like to check it out -" rel="nofollow - - Very nice people) and went straight to Dubrovnik. That was like one of the best experiences.

My wife wants to go to Greece this year and I'd like to get back to Istria or visit Dalmatia, but you know the women...we are going to Greece.

Posted By: barco
Date Posted: 30 Aug 20 at 10:54am
Turkey is incredibly beautiful! And on top of that it is super cheap. Last year we were there for a fortnight (also travelling in the country) and we loved it so much. I really recommend traveling this beautiful country! Also the locals were extremely nice. Food was also quite good. It is also so much cheaper than Croatia or Greece. Unfortunately, due to the current Covid19 situation it will not be possible to travel to Turkey without problems - or return home without problems. Without a test result this will hardly be possible. Hopefully next year it’s possible to go there without troubles! If I had to choose between Greece and Croatia, I would choose Croatia. But Greece is also very nice (unfortunately I don’t know a lot of it!)

Posted By: julienwsm
Date Posted: 02 Sep 20 at 9:07am
For Greece I would also recommend the Ionan Islands. It's very beautiful, nice for families but also for like less experienced groups. If you are more experienced in sailing you will probably also enjoy the areas around the Saronic Gulf and the Peloponnese coast. But you should definitely try out Greece! Lovely experience. 

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Posted By: barco
Date Posted: 09 Oct 20 at 12:00pm
A friend also told me about the Ionian Sea! Although the winds there have not been quite so predictable in recent years, he thinks that it is an ideal spot for beginners. But he would rather start from Levkas, there is a big marina with well-known charter companies…I still gotta try this out ;-)

Posted By: nutonthetiller
Date Posted: 23 Dec 20 at 10:54pm
Sitting here in lockdown, holidays seem a distant prospect.
Having sailed in Greece, Turkey and Croatia. I would never go back to Croatia. Poor food, poor service and generally a rip off. Corruption rife including the police.
Greece great if you avoid August. The Turks have always been very hospitable.

Posted By: PauloD
Date Posted: 18 Aug 21 at 11:32am
Hi, new to the forum. We have been on a few flotilla trips to Croatia which were all very enjoyable (even with the Bora). We had a flotilla booked for Turkey this September but it was cancelled for uncertainty over Covid. We would like to book something in its place and thought of Greece (Corfu), Italy or Cote d'Azur as alternatives. The problem I have encountered, is that the vast majority of companies offering these flotillas are merely agents for charter firms keen to sell me a charter and have no skin in the flotilla itself. We enjoy the community of the flotilla and that somebody will book the moorings so we can rock up in the knowledge that we'll have a spot. I did a couple of trips in Corsica, but there was a very fixed (Galilcly Intransigent) route which took no account of the weather or sailing conditions, and as a consequence both were a bit rubbish. This is why I am wary of companies just selling on flotilla packages with a fixed route. Can anyone recommend a flotilla provider where they are the actual company delivering the service and who do not decide on where they're going until the night before?

Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 18 Aug 21 at 6:30pm
Sailing Holidays, no question. We’ve been on 3 or 4 flotillas with them and they a) treat you as grown-ups once they’re happy you can handle the boat and b) will adjust the route according to the skill and aptitude of the group and the weather.

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Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 23 Aug 21 at 2:52pm
Never had a problem with Sunsail - their more advanced flotillas are partly bareboat (ie go where you please and meet up down the coast or stay with a group and be sociable).  We used to go with Neilson, also cheery and flexible, but the boats were getting a bit dodgy (one year the tiller fell off mid Gulf of Gukova) so I swapped to Sunsail. .... then just started chartering, but that's another kettle of fish.

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