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Awarding same points to helm and crew

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Topic: Awarding same points to helm and crew
Posted By: AdyLangford
Subject: Awarding same points to helm and crew
Date Posted: 16 Sep 13 at 9:35pm
Dear all,

Our club has a small number of racers who often find their crew or helm doesn't appear for a race so take out a single-hander or go in someone else's boat.

What we would like to do is to be able to award the same number of points to the crew as to the helm over a series.

So far I have tried entering all helms and crews as single handers. Where there is a double hander I have given the helm and crew the same time (we usually sail elapsed time with a range of dinghies on PY).

As an example, let's say a double-hander wins a race. The problem is that although I can force Sailwave to not split points between the helm and crew that 'draw' (so they each get 1 point), the next sailor, say a single-hander, gets three points. I don't think a single-hander would be happy about this. The only way I have been able to award two points to the second-placed boat is to manually change the number of points after calculation, and of course, to alter the number of points for every boat behind them. This is a slow process.

Has anyone got a suggestion for making Sailwave do what I'm after?



Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 16 Sep 13 at 9:52pm
Would it be easier to have a separate crew series in Sailwave?

We allow for either crew or helm to be given the points, but not both.

Another possibility might be to put in a custom scoring code for the crews and set it to "set points manually"

I haven't altogether got in my head how series scoring will work for you... I wonder if singlehanded helms will be happy about being pushed off the podium by a two handed crew getting 1st and 2nd in the series.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 9:35am
We haven't tried scoring the crew separately, but had to move away from allowing the helm to sail any boat to score, as some prople started picking a boat for the weather, as opposed to simply being crewless that day, or whatever. A shame really, as it had helped with the number of qualifiers for a series.

On the sailwave front, I'm no help at all. Sorry.

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446 Mirror 70686

Posted By: AdyLangford
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 1:44pm
Thanks very much for your help.

My idea is to increase participation in a club where few sailors come, and those that do are often missing crew or helm, or end up in a single-hander.

I thought about the separate crew series, but the issue is that sailors will sometimes be a helm, sometimes a crew. This could make series scoring difficult.

I have experimented with Sailwave and to make is as easy as possible for volunteer OODs, this is my suggestion for how it might work:

1. Enter all sailors for race 1, helms and crews, but add them all as a helm as if they were single-handing.

2. Score the first race but only for single-handers and helms of double-handers. This will award the correct points to all sailors.

3. Change the result of the crews who had sailed from 'DNC' to code 'RDG' with the same number of points as their helm.

4. Re-calculate to update the series.

I can't find an easier way to enter crew results manually. Any other ideas?

I don't think this system will upset single-handers. A single-hander coming behind a double-hander in a race will still be awarded 2 points. In case of a series win tie between a helm and crew who had stayed in the same double-hander throughout a series, they could share the trophy out between them.

Kind regards,


Posted By: JohnW
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 2:15pm
Using the "Alias" feature may help. We use it to calculate a separate set of Personal Handicap results alongside the standard results but only having to enter the data once.

If I recall it is one of the extra features that is hidden by default but can be enabled with a menu option.

You may be able to set up the crew as an alias of the helm.


Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 2:21pm
Rather than use RDG, which has a specific meaning, I suggest you make a custom scoring code, call it something like CPT (for crew points). Sailwave will do this OK. You'll want to hit the properties tab and check "this is a code where A6b applies" so it doesn't affect the other competitors points.

John, alias won't help them because their problem is the same people don't always sail together.

Posted By: AdyLangford
Date Posted: 17 Sep 13 at 6:20pm
Brilliant! Many thanks, Jim.

I created 'CRW' code, which works fine.

The next slight complication is that the detailed results can only show the class of the boat that is registered for the whole series. I have therefore only displayed the PY for each race as sailors are likely to switch boats quite often depending upon who turns up for the day!

This is beginning to shape up nicely. Many thanks for all your help.



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